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The "meta" level of our consultancy services

We are currently experiencing fundamental change in almost every aspect of our lives and this will have far-reaching repercussions on both a personal and corporate level. It is now becoming increasingly apparent that almost all of the important systems we currently use have reached the limits of their capabilities.

This is the reason why such systems are beset by ever more frequent crises, and this situation is progressively undermining people's hopes for the future. As a result, only short-term plans are being made and implemented, with negative repercussions for long-term prosperity and any associated sustainable quality of life.

The more aware an organism is of its environment, the greater its chances of survival, according to a theory advanced by the molecular biologist Bruce Lipton. Analogous approaches have been around for quite some time, depending on the name you wish to give them – integrated consciousness, spiritual intelligence, etc – but both modern quantum and atomic physics and the latest neurological research all provide unexpectedly strong corroboration of these modes of thinking. We do not solve our problems by creating more complexity, but rather by incorporating new dimensions that have been largely ignored in western quarters to date.

This simple statement represents a unique opportunity for all mankind: it suggests that, in addition to the knowledge we gain from the sciences, it is beholden upon us to deploy methods and tools to create a new kind of awareness – a consciousness that encompasses new dimensions and opens up the possibility not only of increasing our chances of survival but also of determining our so-called "destiny" along planned lines.

Max Schnopp has devoted himself to such topics for many years, expanding his knowledge while coaching and advising CEOs, board chairmen, families of industrialists, politicians and tertiary-level educationalists. A wide portfolio of case studies is testament to the success he has enjoyed in developing his own personality and mind and those of others.

Spiritual intelligence as an aspect of development

Concepts such as SIQ (social intelligence) and the like have been developed in the past, but – despite a plethora of literature, not to mention training courses – they have never really been adopted by the business world and allowed to catalyse improvements. The future will show that we shall only be able to make quantum leaps when we learn how to harness our spiritual intelligence (SIQ). Put simply, spiritual intelligence is nothing more than accessing and involving our unconscious and subconscious in our decision-making and actions (conscious mind).

Modern neurological research has proved beyond all doubt that humans actively experience no more than between 3 and 5 percent of their brain activity and the remaining 95 to 97 percent is unconscious. Conscious work with the unconscious allows us to open up incredible potential that, as we incorporate it into the decisions we make in our careers and elsewhere, will completely change the quality of these and other aspects of our lives. There is now a host of techniques enabling individuals to achieve these goals.

For Max Schnopp, this is both the backbone and the starting-point of many high-level coaching mandates; his expertise in this arena has garnered him considerable success, especially with well-known captains of industry and entrepreneurs, as well as several politicians. Combining elements from disparate fields of knowledge, including quantum and atomic physics, psychology, neurological research, aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the universal laws of nature and the mind with tools from Huna, Reiki, Matrix and the like has enabled Max Schnopp to devise truly holistic coaching and leadership consulting.

The coaching process is invariably highly customised to each coachee/client, but the focus is always to become more aware and thus to develop one's behaviour and personality. In a holistic context, this necessarily also means acquiring a knowledge of new dimensions and how to access these. A not insignificant by-product of this is greater harmony, quality of life and wellbeing.

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